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Desiree’s dedication to Jiu Jitsu led her to train in Brazil, where she honed her skills and became a multi-champion with eight world titles. She then came to the United States to compete and one day, an opportunity arose for her to start teaching in Texas. Desiree faced this challenge head-on, and soon after, the pandemic hit. She returned to Brazil and focused on developing a Jiu Jitsu system geared towards children, which emphasizes teaching with love and fun.

As the world slowly started to return to normal, Desiree was presented with another opportunity to do what she loves the most in Miami. Here, she has developed her own unique techniques and has become a prominent figure in the Jiu Jitsu community. Her experience in martial arts spans over 20 years, and she has been on the mats for more than eight years. Desiree is not only a skilled Jiu Jitsu practitioner but also a mother, wife, and advocate for the martial art. She firmly believes that everyone should learn Jiu Jitsu, not only as a self-defense tool but also as a way of life. Desiree’s teaching style emphasizes respect, discipline, and a growth mindset that helps students reach their full potential.

In conclusion, Desiree Favoreto is a true inspiration to the Jiu Jitsu community. Her dedication and passion for the martial art have led her to become a multi-champion and a skilled instructor who emphasizes the importance of Jiu Jitsu in one’s life. If you are looking to learn Jiu Jitsu from a seasoned practitioner and a compassionate instructor, Alliance Coconut Grove is the perfect place to start.

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